Youthful lip contour

together, restore the contour of your lips

Have you noticed your lipstick infiltrating the fine lines around your mouth? Together, let’s restore the contours of your lips. 

Vertical fine lines – also known as “smokers’ lines” – which appear in the area around the mouth are often unsightly and can prematurely age a face. They can be filled in by hyaluronic acid. Some microneedling sessions, radiofrequency treatment or TCA peels enable the results from hyaluronic acid to be optimised and to improve skin quality.

The “pregnancy mask”, or melasma, can leave brown marks on the upper lip; a brightening peel, such as Amelan or TCA, can lighten this and even erase it altogether.

Our expertise

Your beauty prescription

To prevent fine lines appearing around your mouth, we recommend applying your eye-care product around to your lips as well:

Baume rajeunissant contour des yeux