Founded in Geneva in 1997, Forever Institut is the first aesthetic medicine clinic in Switzerland. It was created by Dr Luigi L. Polla, a world-renowned dermatologist. His vision in founding Forever Institut was to build a multidisciplinary team with complementary skills, guaranteeing exceptional quality of care.


A pioneer and visionary in his field, Dr Polla introduced cosmetic lasers to Europe in the late 1980s and was one of the first to launch this discipline in Switzerland in 1990.

Thirty years later, Forever Institut has become a family business, owned and run by Dr Polla and his four daughters; Ada, Cyrille, Rachel and Roxane.

Between 2017 and 2021, the Polla sisters opened two new institutes, in Lausanne and Nyon. They continue to develop the company while remaining true to its core values: caring, loyalty and responsibility.

Our team works with empathy to understand your expectations and develop strong bonds of trust with you. We demonstrate ourintegrity by ensuring that our work is rigorous, professional and in line with our ethical standards. Finally, we place the security at the heart of our actions: to achieve excellence, we constantly re-evaluate the quality, efficacy and safety of our treatments.

The history of Forever Institut is intrinsically linked to that of Dr. Luigi Leonardo Polla: he is the founder of Forever Institut. a story of family, daring, passion, ambition and, of course, beauty.

"On our walks, my mother always found four-leaf clovers and was happy to give them to me. They'll bring you luck, she'd say". Dr Polla

AmbitiousDr Polla chose to spend several years doing his medical training abroad. In 1984, he went to the United States with his wife and daughters. It was there, alongside his mentor Professor Rox Anderson, that he discovered the laser technology applied in many skin therapies. On his return to Geneva in 1986, he opened his own practice and immediately created a laser platform unique in Europe. As his local success grew, patients from all over the world (Mexico, Germany, Italy, England, South Africa...) also came to see him. In 1987, a headline in the Swiss daily Le Matin declared that "he makes them skin", cementing his reputation as a pioneer in aesthetic dermatology. His passion for his profession stimulated him to work tirelessly and his unfailing availability is still imprinted in his patients' memories.

Bold and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to pass on the fruits of his labour to his four daughters, Dr Polla created Forever Laser Institut in 1997. Located on the rue du Rhône, Forever will be the Switzerland's first centre for aesthetic medicine. From then on, Dr Polla delegated all laser treatments to his therapist colleagues, devoting himself solely to injection techniques and the development of aesthetic treatments. And so, over the last twenty-five years, the Institute has never ceased to innovate. Thanks to the Dr. Polla's vision and its in-depth knowledge of the industry, the Forever team has tested and introduced in Switzerland, as a preview, no less than ten devices which have revolutionised the field of aesthetic medicine. This is one of the reasons why Dr Polla is invited to give conferences around the world. The hyaluronic acid Softlift technique, a creation of Dr. Polla's, will complete his constant quest for excellence in the service of his customers.

For years, Dr Polla ran the Institute with his wife Barbara. Barbara helped the business to prosper thanks to her media personality, natural panache and innate sense of public relations. In 2004, Dr Polla seized the opportunity to realising a young student's dream of moving into the Tour du Molard: 600m2 and a growing team. Finally, true to his desire to pass on his work to them, he decided to bequeath the Institute's shareholding to his four daughters, and became an active member of the Forever Institut and Alchimie Forever boards of directors. Dr Polla's wish is to remain an active doctor, both in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.