Forever puts a multidisciplinary team at your service. Our doctors, nurses, laser technicians and beauticians work together with rigour and ethics to offer you the most advanced and targeted treatments, in complete safety.


Dr Luigi Polla

French, English, Italian

Founder of Forever Institut and world-renowned dermatologist, Dr. Polla has made history in his field. In 1986, he was the first doctor in Europe to use the laser technologies that have revolutionised aesthetic dermatology. Co-founder of the Swiss Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SSME), Dr Polla is also a consultant to the world's leading laser and injectable companies.

Dr Janni Galatoire

French, English, Finnish

Dr Galatoire obtained her Diploma in General Medicine at the University of Paris, where she specialised in aesthetic medicine alongside renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons. "For me, the aim of aesthetic medicine is to soften the shadows and shed light, to draw the eye towards the natural assets of a face, to sublimate its original beauty. Beauty is above all a matter of photogenics; this is true for photography, cinema, painting, make-up and aesthetic medicine."

Dr Gloria Muthukumaran

French, English, Italian

After graduating in general medicine from the University of Caen in 2019, Dr Muthukumaran discovered aesthetic medicine when she replaced a general practitioner who also carried out aesthetic procedures. She subsequently completed her training in injection techniques and peels, and obtained the Inter-University Diploma in Medical Lasers from the University of Paris Descartes. Since the start of her medical aesthetic practice, she has been nourished by the happiness generated by her patients regaining their self-esteem and reconnecting their inner and outer beauty. Dr. Muthukumaran currently divides her time between her general medical practice in Paris and her aesthetic medicine practice at Forever.

Dr Giulia Cremonese

French, English, Italian

Dr Cremonese specialised in psychiatry in Switzerland - her country of residence for the last ten years. In a society where image is increasingly seen as a means of self-expression and self-assertion, Giulia chose aesthetic medicine as her second specialization. Fascinated by the idea of 'made-to-measure' beauty, she likes to take the time to explain to patients our different treatments and how to carry them out. Her caring approach and positive energy are particularly appreciated.

Dr Raphaël Wahlen

French, English, Italian

A graduate in paediatrics since 2017 (FMH specialist), Dr Raphaël Wahlen has developed his activity in medicine for adolescents and vulnerable populations within the CHUV as Head of Clinic, as well as in Montreal. His interest in aesthetics and his empathy naturally led him to take an interest in aesthetic medicine, and he joined Forever in 2022 to carry out what is now his main activity.

Dr Wahlen is a caring, meticulous and attentive doctor, whose sensitivity reassures his clients. He sees aesthetic medicine as a path along which people can progress at their own pace and according to their own needs, with a concern for aesthetics, naturalness and prevention.

Dr Chloé Mathez-Loïc

French, English, Italian

Generous and a great listener, Dr Mathez-Loïc has the technical precision and 3D vision of beauty that are the hallmarks of surgeons. Originally from Switzerland, Dr Mathez-Loïc has spent most of her medical career between the cantons of Geneva, where she began her medical studies, Vaud, where she specialised in plastic surgery, and Valais, where she worked in several surgical departments. Chloé joined the Forever team in 2022. Her favourite treatment? The Softlift with hyaluronic acid, which produces magnificent results and natural rejuvenation.

Dr Alissa Graffagnino

French, English, Italian

Dr Graffagnino obtained her University Diploma in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Pisa in 2016. In 2018 she chose to specialise in psychiatry. After 3 years of practice, Alissa began to take an interest in aesthetic medicine, which has now become a passion. Alissa joined the Forever medical team in 2022. She now works part-time in our Lausanne clinic, enabling her to pursue her career as a psychiatrist in parallel. Dr Graffagnino's career path has given her the ability to combine sound judgement with a perfect touch.

Dr Catarina Palmeira

French, English, Portuguese

A graduate in general medicine, Dr Palmeira quickly developed a passion for aesthetic medicine. She specialised in this field in 2019 and has been practising with unwavering dedication ever since. Originally from Portugal, Dr Catarina Palmeira is a professional with many qualities: her drive and determination are testament to her commitment to improving the well-being of her patients. Her approach to aesthetic medicine fits in perfectly with Forever's, emphasising natural beauty and prevention. She attaches particular importance to establishing a relationship of trust with her patients, based on gentleness and honesty.



French, English, Italian

Agathe, a medical assistant and qualified nurse, accompanies and assists the institute's doctors in their aesthetic medicine procedures. In addition to her skills, she skilfully performs laser rejuvenation treatments, certain peels and mesotherapy injections. Her gentleness and attention to detail, combined with her great organisational skills, provide invaluable reassurance to patients at every stage of their treatment.


French, English, Italian

Caroline is a nurse with a deep passion for aesthetics. She stands out not only for her professionalism and reliability, but also for her kindness and ability to reassure her patients. Attentive and a good listener, Caroline adapts her treatments to the specific needs of each patient, carrying out PRP and mesotherapy injections with remarkable effectiveness.


French, English, Italian

Working alongside Dr. Polla even before the opening of Forever Institut, Marie-Claire has become his right-hand woman, assisting him with both dermatological medical procedures and aesthetic injections.


French, English, Italian

Lilas Rachel is a multi-skilled nurse who supports our doctors during their treatments and ensures that medical records are properly followed up. With a wealth of experience gained in the laboratory and emergency departments, she is highly responsive. She has a perfect command of blood sampling and is also qualified in PRP micro-injections and mesotherapy.

Beauty therapists


French, English, Italian

Attentive, meticulous and methodical, Aïcha is an experienced Forever therapist. Specialising in laser treatments and skin care, she uses all her expertise to ensure your satisfaction. Her passion lies in the effectiveness of her treatments and the way they are carried out.


French, English, Italian

An expert in medical aesthetic treatments, Hélène has over 13 years' experience in this sector. She is passionate about technological advances and the ongoing quest for effectiveness in the field. A specialist in peelings and laser treatments, Hélène combines rigour and gentleness, while being particularly attentive to the specific needs of her patients.


French, English, Italian

Always smiling, Ketty is appreciated for her warm welcome, her attention to detail and her ability to listen carefully to her patients' needs. A specialist in facial treatments, she excels in advanced techniques such as laser treatments and medium peels.


French, English, Serbo-Croatian

Ultra-dynamic, determined and efficient, Olivera has a wealth of experience in laser treatments and intense peels. As well as hair removal and tattoo removal, she specialises in Ultherapy and Cryolipolysis. Her customers appreciate her technical expertise and her focus on the results of the treatments she provides.


French, English, Italian

Perrine is particularly appreciated for her attention to detail and gentle touch. Whether it's a peel, a laser treatment or a body contouring session, Perrine makes every treatment a beneficial experience. 


French, English, Italian, German

With over 20 years' experience, Sandia makes it a point of honour to offer effective treatments. Specialising in body treatments such as cryolipolysis and lymphatic drainage, it also has extensive expertise in advanced techniques such as laser treatments and medium peels. Sincere and reassuring, Sandia always enriches your experience with expert dermo-cosmetic advice, guaranteeing you optimal results.


French, English, Spanish

An expert in laser therapies for hair removal and tattoo removal, as well as peels and slimming treatments, Viviane is extremely kind and always offers excellent cosmeceutical advice.


French, English, Spanish

Trained by Dr Polla in his first dermatology practice, Maria is now an undisputed expert in lasers and medical aesthetic devices. Today, she is training the next generation of doctors and therapists specialising in laser treatments.


French, German

As part of Dr Polla's dermatology practice, Elisabeth monitors patients undergoing acne treatment. She has also acquired unrivalled experience in peel techniques, which she has been practising for over 20 years. Her advice on dermo-cosmetic care is invaluable.

Customer relations


French, English, Italian

Marc is the Head of Reception at Forever Geneva. With 30 years' experience in the luxury hotel industry, he knows exactly how to anticipate and respond to our patients' needs to ensure an exceptional experience. Marc is always ready to help, ensuring that every moment of your visit is comfortable and memorable.


French, English

A graduate of the Vatel hotel school in Lyon, Margaux has developed a keen sense of customer relations through her many professional experiences in the luxury hotel sector. Diligent and always smiling, she does her utmost to ensure an efficient and smooth reservation service.


French, English, Italian

Italian by birth, Magda puts her experience of luxury hotels to good use at Forever Institut's reception desk.

Passionate about learning foreign languages, she has held concierge positions in England, Japan and Switzerland. After four years at the Madarin Oriental in Geneva, Magda became a travel consultant specialising in scuba diving destinations before joining the Forever team.

As a receptionist and customer co-ordinator, Magda will bring her joie de vivre to every visit.


French, English, Italian

With eight years' experience as a care assistant, enriched by a wealth of voluntary work experience, Lucile joined Forever's reception team after graduating as a medical secretary. A good listener, gentle and caring, she makes it a point of honour to meet our patients' needs and establish a lasting relationship of trust with them.


French, English, Italian

In charge of Dr Polla's diary, Sylvie offers you a warm welcome and takes care of your bookings and medical appointments with personalised attention in the dermatology practice.

Management & Communication


French, English, Italian

A graduate of the prestigious École Hôtelière de Lausanne and the HEG Fribourg, where she obtained a Master's degree in Business & Administration, Morgane is our Co-Director. With her team, she coordinates Forever with kindness and professionalism.

Cyrille Polla

French, English, Italian

After being head of Forever's communications department for several years, Cyrille chose to conentrate on the management of our Institute in Nyon. Known for her kindness and generosity, she brings soul in welcoming and caring for patients. She has been involved in our family business for over 20 years, and the world of aesthetic medicine holds no secrets for her!


French, English, Italian

Clara runs Forever Lausanne with sunny energy and infectious enthusiasm. She always gives you a warm welcome and takes pleasure in establishing a real bond with each patient. Trained in communications between Shanghai and Paris, Clara is also our Community Manager, bringing a touch of originality to the management of our social networks every day!


French, English, Italian

Following in-depth studies in communications and marketing, enriched by a wealth of experience in communications agencies and the medical sector, Marion now oversees marketing and communications strategies for the Forever group. She also enjoys being directly involved with the customer relations teams on certain days, in order to stay as close as possible to patients and better understand their needs.

Management & Administration

Rachel Polla

French, English, Italian

With a degree in international relations and 10 years' experience in marketing, communications and finance, Rachel is a bubbly CEO who loves to share her experiences and successes. 


French, English, Italian

Anne has been a valued member of our team for almost 20 years. Highly organised and extremely methodical, she manages some of Forever's accounting, stock and administrative tasks. With a background in biochemistry, Anne also supports the research and development team for our cosmeceuticals brand, Alchimie Forever.

The beauty of the place



Caring, careful and conscientious, Annie looks after the beauty of the premises and the smooth running of the institute's infrastructure on a daily basis.


French, Portuguese

Blessed with a remarkable sense of aesthetics and detail, Regina discreetly looks after both the cleanliness and the decor of the salon.