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Forever treatments

  • Best Seller

    Botulinum toxin

    from CHF 300

    To smooth out wrinkles at the top of the face and soften the features

  • PRP Hair Loss

    from CHF 490

    100% natural hair loss solution

  • Renata França" method to eliminate cellulite and refine the figure

  • Best Seller

    Hydrafacial glow

    – 20 % CHF 250 CHF 200

    Full skin cleansing protocol for a clear, hydrated and glowy complexion

Our philosophy

We are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty, caring for your skin, always respecting the harmony of your features, whether you want a subtle result or the wow effect. Our motto: looking good, means feeling good, means doing good.

Together we celebrate your beauty throughout a lifetime.

Alchimie Forever

Skincare formulated by Dr. Polla to enhance your skin and prolong the effects of your treatments



Dermatology and the treatment of skin imperfections are at the heart of Forever's DNA.

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