Alchimie gentle peel

from CHF 100

Treatment enriched with antioxidant fruit acids for an instant radiance boost

Alchimie gentle peel
from CHF 100

Ideal for

Acne Skin Glow Skin texture

Available at

Geneva Nyon Lausanne

Treated areas

  • Face
  • Neck & décolleté


30 minutes : 100 CHF

  • Pack of 3 sessions: CHF 270

60 minutes : 210 CHF

  • Pack of 3 sessions: CHF 513

A peel is essential for the health of your skin: its breathing, suppleness and radiance. This treatment purifies and tightens dilated pores, making it ideal for preparing the skin before any other treatment and as a complement to any other treatment. anti-acne.

The Alchimie de 30 minutes is ideal for effective skin care. It's perfect for those who want a quick, radiant glow.

The peeling version of 60 minutes includes an extraction and a relaxing massage, offering a much more 'cocooning' experience.


  • Glow" effectThanks to the effects of antioxidants and its purifying action, this peel provides a real radiance boost. It also helps to treat spots and even out the complexion.
  • Enlarged pores The exfoliating effect of the peel helps to tighten dilated pores and reduce acne blemishes.
  • For all skin types Alchimie Forever peel enhances all skin types and colours
  • Can be enjoyed all year round, even in summer!


Immediately after treatment, your skin will be brighter, healthier and feel fresher.


When performed regularly, this peel facilitates the gradual removal of dead skin cells, improving the skin's texture and texture. The result is softer, smoother skin.

During the session

Your skin will be cleansed - and make-up removed beforehand if necessary. The peel is applied to your face with a brush. You may feel a slight tingling sensation as the fruit acids and other active ingredients act on the skin's surface in just a few minutes. Once the peel has been rinsed off, your skin rests under a soothing voluptuous mask. Once it has been thoroughly absorbed, the excess mask is removed and the skin care cream suited to your skin is applied.

Prepare your session

Recommended number of sessions : 1-3
Session duration : 30- 60 min
Interval between sessions : 2 to 4 weeks

Pre-treatment precautions

  • It is advisable to suspend the application of any product (cream, serum, etc.) likely to irritate the skin at least 3 days before your peel.

Post-treatment precautions

  • Avoid all sources of heat for 48 hours


  • Pregnancy
  • On the area to be treated: bacterial or viral infections, open wounds, skin infections, etc.

Complementary treatments

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Skincare Routine

Potentiate the benefits of the treatment with your Forever Alchimie beauty routine, available in our clinics. Discover the Alchimie Forever range

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