from CHF 160

Cell renewal for an anti-ageing effect and radiant skin

from CHF 160

Ideal for

Skin Glow Skin texture

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Geneva Nyon Lausanne

Treated areas

  • Face
  • Neck and décolleté


1 zone : 160 CHF

  • Pack of 3 sessions: CHF 405 (135/session)

Extraction : + CHF 40

Our anti-ageing or radiance peels contain active ingredients that address a variety of needs. Their action aims to remove superficial skin layers so that the skin renews itself: the skin is rejuvenated, becoming smoother, more radiant and more elastic.

The effect of a chemical peel depends on the acid chosen and the duration of its action. To stop its action, it is neutralised at the end of the action. Superficial peels affect the superficial epidermis and therefore do not require social eviction.


  • GlowDepending on the active ingredients chosen, the peel works on sun spots, restoring the face's radiance and luminosity.
  • Smoothes skin texturethe chemical peel will have an effect on dilated pores and skin texture, even if you don't opt for an anti-acne peel
  • Reduce fine linesDepending on the peel chosen, it is possible to work on small imperfections and superficial fine lines.


A peel is a preventive or curative treatment with different objectives: to refresh the complexion (radiance boost) by eliminating dead cells; to even out the complexion by erasing pigmentation spots; and to work on the quality and texture of the skin by acting on excess sebum.

During the session

Your therapist systematically examines the condition of your skin before each peel, and works with you to choose the right peel for your skin and your needs.


The skin is cleansed of make-up and then cleaned with a product specially designed to prepare the skin and promote penetration of the peeling solution. The peel is then applied with a brush to the entire face, or, depending on the problem, to other parts of the body (particularly the décolleté or back). The concentration and application time of the product vary according to skin type. Depending on requirements, an extraction may be offered after the peel.


In some people, slight desquamation may occur 2 to 3 days after treatment.

Prepare your session

Recommended number of sessions : 1-3
Session duration : 45-60 min
Interval between sessions : 2-4 weeks

Pre-treatment precautions

  • The skin may be tanned, but must not be irritated by the sun.
  • Interrupt any application of potentially irritating creams (glycolic acid, benzoic acid, retinoids, etc.) for at least a week.
  • Take oral anti-herpetic preventive treatment if you have a history of fever blisters.

Post-treatment precautions

  • Do not apply cream for 24 hours and follow the therapist's recommendations.
  • Apply sun protection 50+ during the peel cure


  • Pregnancy
  • On the area to be treated: bacterial or viral infections, open wounds, skin infections, etc.
  • Sensitive, itchy, reactive skin or atopic eczema

Complementary treatments

Explore complementary treatments, as combining treatments ensures harmonious, long-lasting results.

Skincare Routine

Potentiate the benefits of the treatment with your Forever Alchimie beauty routine, available in our clinics. Discover the Alchimie Forever range

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