A youthful décolleté

together, let's reveal the youth of your neck and bust

Do you find you’re wearing fewer low-neckline tops than before? Are you favouring scarves and roll-necks? Together, let’s enhance the youth of your neckline.

The neck and neckline are areas that are as exposed as the face, but they’re often less protected or looked after. Brown marks, wrinkles, and dry and sagging skin all show that the neck and neckline are ageing. They can give a neckline the impression of disharmony with a face that has been looked after and kept looking young. Luckily, the majority of anti-ageing treatments for the face can also be adapted to other areas of the body.

Our expertise

Your beauty prescription

To enhance your neckline, and alongside your treatments at Forever Institut, we recommend the following dermo-cosmetic products:

Sérum jeunesse éclaircissant
Gel antioxydant raffermissant