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together, revive the radiance of your skin

Does your skin look dull? Do you want to look radiant when you go out in the evening? Together, let’s revive your skin’s radiance.

Your skin’s radiance is the result of a variety of factors: the colour and texture of the skin, along with the clarity of the complexion. The surface of your skin reflects light when your cells are new, and, in contrast, it dulls and darkens your complexion when cellular regeneration slows down and when dead cells build up. Radiance is fragile but it never lost forever! We offer you a range of solutions to revive cellular regeneration and restore beauty to your skin.

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Your beauty prescription

To maintain your skin’s radiance, and alongside your treatments at Forever Institut, we recommend the following dermo-cosmetic products:

Gentle refining scrub
Kantic brightening moisture mask
Pigment lightening serum