Hydrated, radiant skin

together, revitalize your skin

Do you find your skin is dry and rough? Do you want to rediscover touchable skin? Together, let’s revitalise your skin.

Radiant, supple, firm… beautiful skin is healthy skin. When skin becomes thicker and lacks water, the signs of ageing increase. Also, after a certain age, skin loses a great deal of its extracellular matrix, especially hyaluronic acid – the molecule that is responsible for keeping water in skin tissue and maintaining cell interaction.

To stop your skin from drying out, we offer treatments that restore hydration, stimulate activity and regenerate your skin’s cells.

Our expertise

Your beauty prescription

To keep your skin hydrated, and alongside your treatments at Forever Institut, we recommend the following dermo-cosmetic products:

Kantic masque lumière et éclat
Sérum jeunesse éclaircissant
Kantic+ soin nourrissant extrême
Baume rajeunissant contour des yeux