Harmonious and plump volumes

together, beautify your features and restore the harmony of your face

Is your face losing its youthful volumes? Together, let’s enhance your features and restore your face’s natural curves. 

Over time, skin loses its extracellular matrix and the fat pads that maintain the face’s shape lose vigour and move. This means your face loses its harmonious curves and becomes gaunt, with bumps and indentations appearing. Wrinkles and fine lines alter the face’s skin envelope. Your features sag and show signs of tiredness and age. Hyaluronic acid enables volume to be restored, to fill the folds between the nose and the mouth, to lift the cheekbones, to erase expression lines, to redefine the facial oval, to raise the corners of the mouth and plump up thinning lips.

It’s possible to correct certain nasal imperfections without resorting to surgery. For example, hyaluronic acid enables the shape of the nose to be subtly resculpted, lifting its tip, smoothing any bumps and toning down any unsightly dimples. This solution has the advantage of being quick, reversible and impermanent. Once hyaluronic acid has been used as far as it can be in terms of correction, plastic surgery becomes the preferred solution; today, as it offers natural results that preserve a face’s natural balance.

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To maintain your skin’s youthfulness, and alongside your treatments at Forever Institut, we recommend the following dermo-cosmetic products:

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Kantic masque lumière et éclat
Kantic+ soin nourrissant extrême