A fresh, rested look

together, rejuvenate the outline of your eyes and beautify your eyes

It bothers you hearing that you look tired when you’re feeling fine? Together, let’s make your eye contours look younger and restore a rested look.

The contours around the eye are fragile and delicate areas that require special attention. A radiant look is essential for a face’s beauty and freshness, and tired, puffy eyes with dark rings cause a face to look unappealing.

Rings under the eyes

Rings under the eyes can be dark (hyperpigmentiation), coloured (blue, red or brown) or deep, with wrinkled skin. Whatever type they are, rings make a face look tired.

Our expertise

Bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes are often hereditary and become more accentuated with age. There are two types of bag: the first, caused by fatty deposits, are linked to sagging of the skin and the suspensory ligaments. They can be partly caused by skin ageing and are permanent. The second type, which are found slightly further down are linked to lymphatic circulation problems, are caused by oedema. This type is more visible when you wake up.

Your beauty prescription

To maintain your face’s youthfulness, and alongside your treatments at Forever Institut, we recommend the following dermo-cosmetic products:

Baume rajeunissant contour des yeux
Gel tenseur contour des yeux