Firm skin

together, let your skin work

Have you noticed the first signs of your skin sagging? Do you want firmer, more toned skin? Together, let’s give your skin a workout!

From the age of about thirty-five, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and its ability to maintain itself. Skin sagging increases with the menopause, as the number of fibroblasts is reduced and they become lazy. Overexposure to the sun and smoking can exacerbate this problem. The areas of the face that are generally affected by sagging skin are the lower third: the oval of the face, the cheeks and neck. Aesthetic medicine offers a range of solutions to firm up the skin.

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To maintain your skin’s firmness, and alongside your treatments at Forever Institut, we recommend the following dermo-cosmetic products:

Sérum jeunesse éclaircissant
Gel antioxydant et antistress
Gel antioxydant raffermissant
Gel tenseur contour des yeux