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together we preserve your beauty potential

Do you want to prolong the youthfulness of your skin in a long-lasting and 100% natural way? Together, let’s preserve and maintain your beauty capital.

Modern aesthetic medicine has been able to develop treatments and techniques that use the body’s natural resources (also called “autologous resources”) and is used to improve health and freshness; this is known as auto-regenerative aesthetic medicine. The aim of this treatment is to revive the original activity of the all the biological functions to help our beauty. More precisely, this means increasing the density of skin cells, reactivating the synthesis of the extracellular matrix, stimulating the biological processes that protect us against the harm done over time and against our environment that can be toxic, as well as to strengthen our tissues so that they remain healthy for as long as possible.

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To maintain your face’s youthfulness, and alongside your treatments at Forever Institut, we recommend the following dermo-cosmetic products:

Sérum jeunesse éclaircissant
Soin solaire SPF 23