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The 2-in-1 skin treatment

From CHF 300

  • Number of sessions : 4
  • Duration of the session : 1h-1h30
  • Interval between sessions : 15 days
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Mesopeel® is a new aesthetic medicine treatment designed to reveal the radiance of all types of skin, all year round.

During a Mesopeel® session, your clinician administers a light peel, followed by a gentle mesotherapy treatment. This involves putting droplets of a solution rich in vitamins and hyaluronic acid into the epidermis. You will feel a slight tingling sensation and will leave the Institut with radiant skin!

Ideally, this treatment should be carried out over 4 sessions, with the first three each being 2 weeks apart, and the fourth one a month later.

You will feel like

The 2-in-1 skin treatment

  • Mesopeel® brings together the benefits of two aesthetic medicine techniques in a complete treatment.
  • The gentle, fruit-acid peel cleans and exfoliates the skin, removes impurities, and eliminates dead surface cells, while the mesotherapy thoroughly revitalises and rehydrates the skin.
  • This treatment provides an immediate brightness and gives the skin a fresh, clean look.
  • During the course of treatments, your skin will seem plumper and be fully hydrated and saturated with precious micronutrients and vitamins which boost cellular activity.
  • Mesopeel® can be carried out at any time of the year, but it is especially recommended in summer, as heat and UV rays cause dehydration and a lack of the precious substances which make up the extra-cellular matrix, such as hyaluronic acid.

Good to know

A Mesopeel® facial treatment costs CHF 300 per session, with a 4-session pack costing CHF 990 and includes Alchimie Forever’s Kantic® Calming Cream.

The 2-in-1 skin treatment

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Customers' opinion

  • « Right in the very heart of Geneva, the Institut gives you a quality, five-star welcome and offers innovative products in a very pleasant setting which exudes a sense of pure elegance. It’s the best place in the city to treat skin problems, marks, scars and hair. I can also recommend their body care treatments. »

    Alex E

  • « This place is amazing! The Institut is unique in Geneva: it offers a complete skincare programme, ranging from aesthetic treatments to more in-depth, medical procedures. Each time I have been to Forever, I’ve always felt very reassured and I’ve been given good advice and guidance. I recently had the PicoSure laser treatment for my acne scars; everything went smoothly and the results are really worth it! I strongly recommend Forever Insitut to everyone – both men and women – who want to take care of their skin. »

    Anha L

  • « This is a modern space, with a range of medical treatments from laser hair removal to peels. I highly recommend the Forever Institut experience. »

    Marion G

  • « Forever is the Fountain of Youth! It’s the only place where I’ve been satisfied with all the treatments I’ve had. The beauticians are experts and always very welcoming. I’ve had laser hair removal, peels and most recently a, “HydraFacial”. I’m completely hooked! »

    Sarah A

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