Brightening peel

this peel activates the cell renewal and illuminates the skin

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  • Number of sessions : 5 occasions
  • Interval between sessions : 2 weeks
  • Duration of the session : 45min-1h15
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This peel stimulates cellular renewal, refreshing and brightening the skin

Your therapist carries out a systematic examination of your skin before each peel treatment. Any make-up is removed and the skin is then cleansed with a product specially designed to prepare it and promote penetration of the peel solution. Then, the peel itself is brushed on to the whole face and, depending on the patient’s requirements, the neck, neckline and the backs of the hands. The concentration of the peel solution and the length of time it is left on the skin depend on the type of skin. If needed, your therapist will offer you a session in which any blackheads are removed. At the end of the treatment, a soothing mask is applied to the areas that have been treated.

You will feel like

Combines the gentleness of a facial with the effectiveness of a fruit-acid peel

  • A brightening peel treats :
  • A dull, unclear complexion
  • Dehydrated, thick skin
  • Blocked pores

Good to know

The brightening peel is ideal before an evening out. It improves the texture and appearance of the skin, producing an instantaneous tightening effect. Your skin is clear and bright in just one session!

If used regularly, skin peels maintain the health and beauty of your skin.

this peel activates the cell renewal and illuminates the skin

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To prolong the radiant effect, you can take Alchimie Forever’s Gentle Refining Scrub home with you, which can be used up to twice a week to soften and brighten your skin.


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