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Our philosophy

We see you the way you are. We are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty throughout a lifetime.
As a pioneering medical aesthetic institute we offer you the most targeted/customized and advanced treatments after careful research and development. Our Swiss family business stands for the highest quality.
Together we embrace and celebrate your true self. . Dr. Luigi L. Polla

Your goals 

I would like my face to reflect my inner glow and preserve its youthful features. My goal is to have a healthy and radiant complexion, free of spots and blemishes. I do not mind a few character lines; however, I refuse to show signs of fatigue or stress. I simply wish to look fresh and rested.

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Your goals 

For my body to look its best, I would like to lose a few centimeters here and there, and overall firm things up. Most of all I wish I could get rid of my cellulite and fade my stretch marks, to reveal smoother skin. I do not want to look like a model; rather, I aspire to have a harmonious figure, a body that suits my lifestyle and reflects my energy.

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1st visit

Whatever your wishes and preoccupations, you will find at Forever Institut a caring team attuned to your needs as well as effective and affordable solutions.

The consultation is essential to understand your expectations and outline a personalized treatment program.

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Together we enhance your natural beauty

You are unique. That is why all our treatments take your distinctive facial expressions and personality into account and deliver natural results. Facial peels, lasers, injections, fillers, cosmetic surgery… discover all the services we offer.

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Our team of aesthetic surgeons and doctors, nurses, laser technicians and aestheticians is at your service and welcomes you from 8am to 8pm on weekdays and from 9am to 5pm on Saturdays.