pigmentary lasers

q-switched lasers erase lentigos and brown spots

1 to 2 Session

6 weeks

from 200

face, cleavage, hands, arms, back

30 min

Trigger or Q-switched lasers eliminate brown patches on the skin and freckles

About the treatment

Lasers are an effective, quick and safe way of permanently removing marks on the skin. Those parts of the body that are most exposed to UV rays are the face, neckline and hands, and it is here that brown marks caused by the sun most frequently occur. AlexTriVantage and Ruby laser beams are absorbed by the melanin (the pigmentation) that builds up in the marks and thus eliminates them.


Pigmentary lasers can erase:

  • Age spots
  • Brown marks on the skin (lentigo)
  • Freckles



Clear, visibly younger-looking skin and an even complexion.

Good to know

Laser treatment for brown marks on the skin can cause small scabs that disappear naturally after about a week.

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