"PicoSure Focus® - picosecond laser

the performance of the new generation laser

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  • Number of sessions : 3 to 5 occasions
  • Interval between sessions : 2-3 weeks
  • Duration of the session : 45 min
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Picosecond technology, combined with the Focus handpiece, enhances and evens out the skin’s pigmentation.


The picosecond laser is a revolution in the field of dermatological lasers. It is capable of emitting a picosecond pulse, i.e. it is one hundred times shorter and more powerful than other pigmentary lasers. This ultra-short pulse goes beyond the thermal effect by creating an intense mechanical impact. This effect better destroys the melanin responsible for dark marks and coloured scars. Thanks to PicoSure Focus®, an optimal result is obtained in fewer treatment sessions, meaning that the tissues surrounding the area being treated are better preserved and the risk of side effects are reduced as much as possible.


Before and after 1 laser session with Picosure Focus on fore-arms

You will feel like

the performance of the new generation laser

  • PicoSure Focus® offers unrivalled performance without causing any pain or interrupting your work or social lives, and the treatment needs no anaesthetic creme.
  • It can be used to treat : Certain dark marks, Pigmentary scars, Sun-damaged skin.
  • From the very first session, you’ll notice an even complexion.
  • Over the second and third treatments, dark marks will become lighter.
  • By the end, your skin will look younger and more beautiful.

Good to know

PicoSure Focus® can treat pigmentation of all types of skin, even the most delicate, such as Asian or mixed complexions.

the performance of the new generation laser

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  • « Un lieu design, un encadrement médical, de l’épilation laser aux peelings, je recommande vivement l’expérience Forever. »

    Marion G

  • « Un espace inédit où le professionnalisme est sublimé par l'attitude chaleureuse et familiale d'une équipe souriante et dynamique. Cela fait plusieurs mois que je fréquente l'institut et je vous le recommande vivement. »

    Sébastien H

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