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LaseMD (Baby Face)

The tailor-made laser treatment to treat skin imperfections

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  • Number of sessions : 3
  • Duration of the session : 30-45 min
  • Time between sessions : 1 month
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LaseMD™ Ultra, also known as "Baby Face", is a superficial thulium laser treatment designed to address a variety of skin concerns in a customizable way, for all skin types.

The LaseMD™ Ultra (“Baby Face” laser) is used to stimulate collagen production, treat signs of aging, improve skin texture, lighten scars and treat pigmentation problems such as redness and spots.



The benefits

  • Skin texture: pore tightening, mattifying effect, scarring
  • Acne: active acne, superficial and hyperpigmented acne scars
  • Anti-aging treatment: smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • Blemishes and pigmentation disorders: hyperpigmentation, solar lentigos, melasma, redness
  • Scalp: stimulation of hair regrowth



How does it work ?

The energy delivered by LaseMD® is absorbed by the water in skin tissue cells, creating thousands of micro-channels in the skin’s surface layer. The creation of these tiny “wells” accelerates the body’s natural healing process, including the production of new collagen and elastin, the molecules essential to our skin’s firmness and elasticity.



Personalize your session

A second advantage of theses microchannels is that if the active ingredients are applied, they penetrate deep into the skin for 48 hours. It’s therefore possible to personalize your treatment, by applying products specifically selected for your needs: vitamin C (for skin aging prevention), tranexamic acid (for spots or melasma), retinol (for active acne or an anti-aging effect), hyaluronic acid (for hydration), PRP or exosomes (for cellular stimulation).


The products we apply after the treatment are specially formulated and contain no preservatives, artificial fragrances or dyes.



Treatment procedure

After discussing the LaseMD® protocol best suited to your needs, your laser specialist prepares your skin and gently passes the laser device over the targeted area. This step creates the microchannels in your skin and may require one or more passes, depending on the protocol. Immediately afterwards, specifically selected active ingredients are applied to your skin. You will receive these products for regular application at home for 48 hours.


To ensure optimum comfort during the procedure, an anaesthetic cream can be applied around 30 minutes before the treatment begins. 




The advanced technology of the “Baby Face” laser delivers precision, efficiency, and safety, thereby minimizing side effects. As the laser primarily targets the superficial layers of the skin, it ensures rapid convalescence, enabling treatment to be performed all year round.

Good to know

It is generally necessary to avoid sun exposure for 1 to 3 weeks after the treatment.
Intensive sports should be avoided for a week after treatment, or at least until healing is complete.
The treatment can leave your skin feeling dry and slightly grainy for a week. It is therefore important to moisturize the skin with products recommended by the aesthetician performing the treatment.

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