manual massage

a massage adapted to your needs and desires



45-60 min

Our therapists offer massages that are tailored to your needs and wishes.

About the treatment

Kneading, pressure and vibrations; massage is collection of manual techniques that are carried out on different parts of the body and are designed to be therapeutic and promote well-being. The use of natural massage oils nourishes and softens the skin.


Massage reduces muscle tension, helps shape the body and improves general health. It also:

  • Reduces tension and relaxes muscles
  • Helps neck, back, head, foot and sciatic pain
  • Eases lumbar pain
  • Expels toxins


As well as benefitting the body, massage also has positive effects on your state of mind. It promotes general well-being, encourages a good mood and leaves you feeling relaxed.

Good to know

It is essential to choose the type of massage best suited to your body’s needs.

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