Lucia Rapetti® method

for thinning and body remodeling

12 occasions

2-3 days




Holistic approach to slim and resculpt the body.

About the treatment

The Lucia Rapetti Méthode Globale de Soins® analyses and treats the whole of a person’s psychosomatic being. This approach enables an understanding of the source of the aesthetic problem and to deliver solid solutions.

The Lucia Rapetti Méthode Globale de Soins® brings together:

  • Natural products that are designed according to the choice of the most exclusive active ingredients that are made in pharmaceutical laboratories using the most up-to-date biotechnologies
  • Natural, bio-nutritional complements, specifically put together for each individual aesthetic issue
  • Original, effective treatments for all the body’s problems


The Lucia Rapetti Méthode Globale de Soins® offer five treatments

  • Overall detox
  • Slimming and sculpting
  • Anti-orange-peel skin
  • Lightness draining
  • Body and cleavage firming


The precise benefits depend on the procedure you choose with your therapist. Depending on the Lucia Rapetti treatment chosen, you will see a clear, measurable and lasting result over time.

Good to know

Forever Institut is the only approved Lucia Rapetti centre in French-speaking Switzerland. We also offer the Lucia Rapetti’s Ecologica range of products. These include nutritional supplements, serums, emulsions and exfoliants. Your therapist can advise you on which products are best suited to your treatment regimen.

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