A cellulite-free body

together, let's smooth the skin of your body

Do you like your curves but dislike your cellulite? Is exercise and creams not giving you the results you’re looking for? Together, let’s make your skin smooth.

Cellulite is a typically feminine aesthetic issue and one which develops over time. Cellulite is small clumps of fatty tissue that protrude into the surface of the skin, making it look dimpled. Oedema and fibrosis that have built up over time impede microcirculation and increase water retention and the accumulation of toxins, which is when cellulite becomes fibrotic. There is a wide range of cellulite treatment choices in the world of aesthetic medicine, depending on how far along and how widespread it is.

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To help reduce that “orange-peel” skin look, and alongside your treatments at Forever Institut, we recommend the following dermo-cosmetic product:

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