TCA peel

the average peel to make a new skin

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  • Number of sessions : 4 occasions
  • Interval between sessions : 1 month
  • Duration of the session : 30min-1h30
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The peel that completely renews your skin!

TCA peels are “medium” peels, meaning they work on the middle layer of the skin – at the junction between the epidermis and the dermis. Their effects are therefore more abrasive than fruit acid peels and their results are more impressive. They are designed for patients who are generally over forty years of age and who have wrinkles and dark marks, and, sometimes, significant acne scars.

TCA peels consist of applying a trichloroacetic acid solution onto the skin to cause chemical exfoliation. The solution stimulates intense cellular renewal in the skin.

At Forever Institut we offer TCA peels of 15%, 20%, 25% and 30% concentration.

You will feel like

the average peel to make a new skin

  • TCA peel treatments are carried out at the Institut by an experience therapist. The peels : Smoothe wrinkles, Eliminate signs of ageing, Erase certain scars, Visibly rejuvenate the skin.
  • TCA peels reveal smoother skin and a fresh, even complexion.
  • Just a single TCA peel session may be enough, but four sessions, 15 days apart will completely renew the epidermis.

Good to know

It is important to prepare your skin two weeks before a TCA peel. Your nurse who specialises in peels will give you the necessary dermo-cosmetic advice.

Immediately after the TCA peel treatment, the skin turns red. The treatment causes the skin to flake quite significantly. During this phase, the epidermis renews itself, giving a pinkish complexion, which lasts for about a month.

the average peel to make a new skin

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  • « Un lieu design, un encadrement médical, de l’épilation laser aux peelings, je recommande vivement l’expérience Forever. »

    Marion G

  • « Un espace inédit où le professionnalisme est sublimé par l'attitude chaleureuse et familiale d'une équipe souriante et dynamique. Cela fait plusieurs mois que je fréquente l'institut et je vous le recommande vivement. »

    Sébastien H

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