anti-acné peel

heals inflammation, unclogs pores and reduces stains

5 occasions

2-3 weeks

From 170.-

face, back

30-60 min

Treats any inflammation, clears pores, and reduces acne scars.

About the treatment

We offer the following peels to treat acne:

  • Salicylic acid peels, also known as “Alpha-Beta” peels
  • Vitamin A masks

Your therapist carries out a systematic examination of your skin before each peel treatment. Any make-up is removed and the skin is then cleansed with a product specially designed to prepare it and promote penetration of the peel solution. Then, the peel itself is brushed on to the whole face. It can also be applied in the same way to the back, if this area also suffers from acne. The concentration of the peel solution and the length of time it is left on the skin depend on the type of skin and the skin damage. If necessary, your therapist will offer you a session in which any blackheads are removed. At the end of the treatment, a specially adapted mask is applied to the areas that have been treated.

The vitamin A biothermal mask is a treatment that uses the warming properties of a mineral-based mask to quickly and optimally help vitamin A that has previously been applied to penetrate the skin. The temperature rises to up to 37°C and the mask is left on for 30 minutes. This treatment can be followed by a session in which any blackheads and other skin impurities are removed.


Anti-acne peels:

  • Treat inflamed acne
  • Eliminate black spots
  • Unclog microcysts and white spots
  • Tighten dilated pores
  • Cleanse thick, oily skin
  • Reduce some types of acne scarring


Anti-acne peels reduce the appearance of different forms of acne, improve and smoothe the skin, tighten pores and lighten the marks that can be left behind after an outbreak of spots. Used as a treatment for acne, they help to make skin clear and healthy-looking.

Good to know

A dermatological follow-up is recommended alongside anti-acne peels. Appointments can be made with Dr. Luigi Polla.

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