a microlift without surgery to challenge the laws of gravity

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  • Duration of the session: 45min
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Thread lifts offer an immediate “lifting” effect without any surgery


Thread lifting provides a subtle yet deeply stimulating tightening of the skin, offering a natural, long-lasting firming effect.

Using a mechanical approach, absorbable medical threads are able to treat sagging facial skin, improve contour and give structure to cheekbones. They re-position sagging tissues while restoring facial definition. This treatment has a low risk of side effects and social exclusion. It leaves no residual scars and does not create a frozen appearance.




The technology

Thread lift uses absorbable threads with a composition similar to that of the sutures used in surgery. Thanks to their unique microscopic notch structure, the threads remain in position in the tissues, forming a solid, supportive mesh.

What’s more, tensor threads stimulate the production of natural collagen in the skin, helping to improve skin quality, reduce signs of aging and prolong results. So, beyond the immediate “mini-lift” effect, the effects of treatment continue to improve over time, as collagen regenerates. This is why visible results can persist for up to a full year.



During treatment

The procedure, performed under local anaesthetic, lasts approximately 45 minutes. The threads are inserted through a micro-incision that does not require stitches. They are positioned beneath the dermis, creating tension along the entire length of the thread while maintaining tissue support and preserving muscle mobility. This approach guarantees a natural-looking result.




In general, we recommend considering the use of tensor threads from the age of forty, when the first signs of skin sagging begin to appear, but a surgical facelift is not yet indicated.




Immediate post-treatment discomfort is mainly due to temporary edema. Ecchymosis, slight asymmetry, a sensation of tightness and hypercorrection, or the formation of folds in certain areas are rare but possible in the post-operative period. These discomforts are all transitory and last only a few days.



Complementary treatments

To maximize results, we recommend combining your treatment with Botox and hyaluronic acid injections. Deep stimulation (with Ulthera or Genius) can be an excellent complement to the treatment, around 3 to 4 months after the placement of the tightening threads.

You will feel like

a microlift without surgery to challenge the laws of gravity

  • Thread lifts combat tissue slackening and skin sagging (known as ptosis).
  • This technique is used to correct: Loss of the oval of the face,Slackening of the areas around the cheeks and cheekbones,The area under the chin (the double chin),Sagging of the neck and neckline,Sagging of the inner arms and thighs.
  • The threads tighten the looser or sagging areas of the face while preserving its natural expression.
  • A single session is enough to obtain the desired “lifting” effect and the result can last for up to two years.

Good to know

Implanting threads is a reliable technique and does not cause much discomfort, nor does it leave any scarring.

It is rare, but possible, that, just after the treatment you might notice bruising, a slight unevenness, a tugging sensation and hypercorrection, or possibly folds appearing in certain areas. These problems are all temporary and only last a few days.

a microlift without surgery to challenge the laws of gravity

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