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About the treatment

The extraction and reinjection of autologous stem cells are the future of anti-ageing aesthetic medicine. The process uses natural resources from your own body to regenerate the skin and slow its ageing.

Stem cells come from the donor patient’s own fatty tissue. The tissue extraction is then treated at the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation’s laboratory, which isolates, purifies and conditions the stem cells, which are then reinjected into the areas needing rejuvenating treatment.

Stem cells from fatty tissue are incredibly precious and powerful: they are capable of transforming themselves into specific cells according to the environment in which they are placed. Stem cells that are injected into the sub-dermal tissue help to keep the surrounding cells young, active and resistant. They do this through stimulating the production of new collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and a multitude of other proteins and molecules that help maintain the skin’s health and youthfulness.

The extraction and injection procedures are carried out by a doctor at Forever Institut and is made up of three steps:

  1. Micro-liposuction takes place on the Wednesday at Forever Institut. The procedure takes about an hour and is carried out under local anaesthetic.
  2. 150ml of fat is extracted and immediately sent to the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation in Zurich. The extracted stem cells are returned to Forever Institut within 24 hours. The transfer of cells between Geneva and Zurich is carried out using sterile, temperature-controlled equipment.
  3. The day after the extraction, the stem cells are injected into the sub-dermal layer of the donor patient. Again, this treatment takes about an hour. 


Stem cells injections reverse the skin’s ageing process by introducing fresh, young cells to regenerate tissues. This technique is used to rejuvenate:

  • The contours of the eyes
  • The contours of the mouth
  • The face
  • The neck
  • The neckline
  • The backs of the hands

The Swiss Stem Cell Foundation can freeze and preserve a sample of stem cells for each patient for up to 30 years and these can be used for medical or aesthetic purposes.



A single session is enough to obtain a lasting, overall rejuvenation of the skin. Stem cell injections repair sun-damaged skin by giving them a burst of youthfulness. The results, which have been scientifically proven by skin ultrasound analysis, are visible from 2 to 3 months after the treatment. 

Skin becomes denser, suppler and less wrinkled – it gets back its youthfulness. Thanks to their effect on melanocytes, stem cells also reduce existing brown marks and slow the appearance of new signs of ageing.

Good to know

Clinical studies have demonstrated that stem cells that are injected subcutaneously transform into fibroblasts without causing any inflammation or other side effects.

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