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laser hair removal

long lasting solution in the management of unwanted hairiness

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  • Number of sessions : 7 to 9 occasions
  • Duration of the session : 15min-2h30
  • Interval between sessions : 6 weeks
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Laser hair removal offers a long-term solution to unwanted hair.

Forever Institut was the first centre for laser hair removal in Switzerland and continues to be the reference point in the field. This means we can offer you over 20 years of experience, rigorous medical support and the most high-performance lasers – including Nd:YAG, which can provide completely safe hair removal, even for darker skins.

Laser hair removal is a safe, quick and effective medical technique used to deal with excessive and/or unwanted hair for both women and men. The laser’s target is the hair’s pigment, so the darker the hair, the better the result.

We advise applying an anaesthetic creme before the procedure. Your therapist will ask you to protect your eyes with special glasses. Your therapist will then apply the head of the laser to the area being treated and activates the laser beam. The light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the melanin and converted into heat. This destroys the follicles responsible for hair regrowth. The length of each session depends on the size of the area being treated.

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long lasting solution in the management of unwanted hairiness

  • The variety and specificity of the lasers used enable all types of skin – regardless of its colour – to undergo hair removal.
  • All areas of the face and body can be treated.
  • From the very first session, the skin is left soft and smooth.
  • Laser hair removal also treats the problem of ingrown hairs.
  • When used in the underarm area, it can also help to reduce sweating.
  • Over the course of the treatment, the laser’s light energy also improves the quality of the skin.

Good to know

It is quite normal to notice some redness in the areas that have been treated, however, this disappears after just a few hours. Some superficial burning is possible, producing some small scabs, but these quickly disappear without leaving any marks. More rarely, there can be hyper- or hypopigmentation, both of which are entirely reversible.

For six weeks before the treatment, the patient must avoid exposure to sunlight: tanning and hair removal do not make a good combination!

long lasting solution in the management of unwanted hairiness

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  • « Un lieu design, un encadrement médical, de l’épilation laser aux peelings, je recommande vivement l’expérience Forever. »

    Marion G

  • « Un espace inédit où le professionnalisme est sublimé par l'attitude chaleureuse et familiale d'une équipe souriante et dynamique. Cela fait plusieurs mois que je fréquente l'institut et je vous le recommande vivement. »

    Sébastien H

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