laser hair removal consultations

information session and laser test

Forever Institut offers you comprehensive medical care and support for laser hair removal treatments

About the treatment

Before you undergo laser hair removal at Forever Institut, we insist on a consultation. This includes a skin test, which enables us to determine the best parameters for laser hair removal. Forever Institut has a team of eight qualified therapists who specialise in laser hair removal and who have all been trained by Dr. Polla.


Laser hair removal consultations include:  

  • A medical examination
  • Photos being taken of the areas to be treated
  • Diagnosis and establishment of the treatment
  • Presentation of a quote
  • A skin test



Forever Institut’s laser specialists work with you to establish a therapeutic relationship that is based on trust, and which offers you effective, reliable care.

Good to know

Even if you have had laser surgery before, a skin test is compulsory before undergoing hair removal on a new area of your skin.

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