Scalp analysis

from CHF 200

Trichoscan analysis followed by a medical consultation

Scalp analysis
from CHF 200

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CHF 200

*This fee includes analysis of the scalp using Trichoscan, as well as a medical consultation for diagnosis two weeks later.

To help you understand and treat your hair loss, we suggest a Trichoscan analysis of the scalp completed 2 weeks later by a consultation with one of our doctors to analyse the results and define a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

The Trichoscan is a medical device for analysing the hair and scalp. Taken together, the two approaches (anamnesis and Trichoscan) enable the doctor to make a precise diagnosis, which is necessary in order to choose from the various treatment options we offer at Forever Institut.


  • The Trichoscan device takes micro-photographs and provides the doctor with information on hair density - thanks to a system that counts the number of hairs in a defined area.
  • The device also provides the doctor with information about the quality and shape of the hair and its follicle, as well as the clinical appearance of the scalp, enabling a precise aetiological diagnosis to be made.
  • The Trichoscan provides a detailed, personalised medical analysis that saves time for the patient, who will be directed effectively towards the right treatment.


In the case of hair loss, the different types of diagnosis are :


  • androgenetic alopecia
  • traction alopecia
  • telogen effluvium - stress-related
  • iron or vitamin deficiency
  • menopause
  • dermatological pathologies


Symptoms can range from thinning hair to loss of volume and sudden or gradual major hair loss. Trichoscan is used to determine whether the scalp is healthy or diseased, and to explain the cause of the hair problem.


We offer a wide range of solutions to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth:

  • "Hair Care injected by mesotherapy (vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid)
  • Injections of PRP (from your blood)
  • Exosomes applied by microneedling
  • Self-regenerative medicine treatments: Nanofat (extraction of stem cells from a fat sample)

Prepare for your consultation

Number of appointments : 1x Trichoscan + 1x Consultation
Length of appointments: 30 minutes
Interval between sessions : 2 weeks

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