Detailed Skin Analysis

from CHF 50

Essential information about the beauty and health of your skin

Detailed Skin Analysis
from CHF 50

Available at

Geneva Nyon Lausanne


50 CHF

Do you know how old your skin is?

Forever Institut offers an area dedicated to professional and detailed skin analysis. Take the time for a consultation with one of our therapists. The Quantificare and Reveal machines provide a complete 2D and 3D diagnosis of your face.


  • Detailed analysis : assessment of your skin's most important parameters: sebum, redness, pigmentation spots, dilated pores, facial volume, etc.
  • Creating a personalised treatment plan : This consultation enables our therapists to recommend the most suitable treatments and cosmetics.
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the care provided: The photo documentation and recorded measurements also allow us to assess the results of our treatments.

Prepare your session

Session duration : 30 minutes

Pre-consultation precautions

  • To be effective and accurate, these photos and analyses are taken on completely make-up-free skin. All the products you need to remove your make-up are available at the Institute.

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