laser consultation

lasers offer a multitude of therapeutic possibilities


30-60 min

Forever Institut offers one of Switzerland’s most innovative laser platforms

About the treatment

Laser consultations are offered by Maria Gonzalez, a clinician who was trained in the use of dermatological lasers by Dr. Polla. She has carried out all of Forever Institut’s laser treatments since it opened in 1997. Tattoo removal, treatment of marks on the skin, rosacea, scars and stretch marks, skin firming and rejuvenation treatments – Maria is highly skilled in all the treatments offered by the lasers available at Forever Institut.

Should a client have a specific request, Dr. Polla can also be consulted; however, the fee for this will not be refunded.



A consultation enables us to decide upon the best treatment from the extensive range of lasers and medical devices available at Forever Institut:

  • Fraxel Dual® fractional lasers
  • PicoSure® picosecond lasers
  • PicoSure Focus® picosecond lasers
  • VBeam Perfecta®, Alexandrite and Nd:YAG millisecond intense pulse light vascular lasers
  • Alexandrite and Nd:YAG nanosecond pulse light pigmentary lasers
  • KTP and erbium abrasive lasers



Our vast range of lasers has the advantage of offering a safe, quick and effective solution to care for, enhance and rejuvenate all types of skin.

Good to know

The cost of a laser consultation will be deducted from your first treatment, as long as this is carried out within one month of the consultation.