detailed skin analysis

to get essential information about the beauty and health of your skin


30 min

How old do you think your skin is ?

About the treatment

Forever Institut offers a dedicated space that provides detailed, professional skin analyses. The Cutometer® measures the skin’s elasticity, and the Visioface® (a 2D imaging device) and the LifeViz® (a 3D imaging device) both measure the most important parameters of your skin, including the face’s volume. To follow any changes to a scar or a particular wrinkle, the macro device enables the close-up surface of the skin to be seen, even in 3D.


This service enables us to objectively measure the following skin characteristics:

  • Pigmentation
  • Redness
  • Elasticity
  • Hydration levels
  • Sebum levels
  • The number of dilated pores
  • The depth of wrinkles
  • The face’s volume



This consultation gives you the essential information relating to the health and beauty of your skin. The imaging and the measurements taken also enable you to see how effective our treatments are.


Good to know

In order to be effective and precise, these images and analyses have to be made on make-up-free skin. All the necessary products for removing and reapplying your make-up are available at the Institut.

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