dermatological consultation

we preserve the health of your skin

starting from 100 / session

Dr. Luigi L. Polla, a dermatologist who is well known in Switzerland and beyond, will treat you in his private practice located inside Forever Institut

About the treatment

Dr. Polla has been a dermatologist in a private practice in Geneva since 1986. He has a particular professional interest in acne and capillary problems, and specialises in all laser treatments that help with angiomas, marks on the skin and benign skin growths. His is also well known for his surgery on skin tumours.

Dr. Polla is a specialist in skin ageing, and also provides aesthetic dermatology consultations.

During your first consultation, Dr. Polla will ask you a range of questions and give you an examination in order to diagnose the type of skin or capillary problem, as well as to understand your needs and to establish a treatment programme. If necessary and beneficial, he may also recommend a medical regimen.


With over 30 years of experience and with his team of laboratory assistants, nurses and aesthetic therapists, Dr. Polla offers a holistic approach to your care.


Your skin’s health is in experienced hands.

Good to know

Dermatological consultations for medical conditions are reimbursed by health insurers; however, aesthetic dermatological consultations are not.