aesthetic medicine consultations

Together, doctor and patient set out a strategy


30 min

Together, doctor and patient set out a strategy.

About the treatment

A consultation is essential to respond to a client’s unique needs. It enables a personalised treatment programme to be mapped out, whatever the need, whether it is rejuvenation, firming or weight-loss.


Bringing different techniques together in a programme over time offers the best results in the long term. We offer treatments such as injections, ultrasound, radiofrequency, thread lifts and cryolipolysis. In order to best understand our treatments and to offer the best combination of them, we provide a multidisciplinary medical team.


Whatever your needs and whatever you’re aiming for, at Forever Institut, we listen carefully and we offer effective, accessible solutions, for both face and body. All our treatments take your expression and your personality into consideration, offering you natural, long-lasting results.

Good to know

Aesthetics, empathy, integrity and ethics guide every one of our medical team’s therapies.