Renata França Method

Reduce cellulite, slim-down and reshape the silhouette

From CHF 200

  • Number of recommended sessions : 6
  • Duration of the session : 1h
  • Interval between sessions : 1 week
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Famous massage technique to enhance body contours and drain toxins  

The Renata França technique is a unique mix of maneuvers that combines the benefits of a shaping massage and those of the lymphatic drainage massage. It’s worldwide success resides in the fact that results are truly impressive and immediate, visible already after the first session.

The difference with a traditional manual lymphatic drainage is in the « miracle touch »: more pressure, more rapid and vigorous movements. This body treatment activates lymph and blood flow and the body’s general metabolism: toxins and excess fluids are eliminated, cellulite progressively disappears the silhouette deflates and muscles are more defined.

You will feel like

  • reduces cellulite and orange-peel skin
  • promotes weight loss
  • drains and reduces swelling (legs, tummy)
  • alleviates heavy legs
  • activates blood circulation
  • reshapes the silhouette
  • detoxifies the body
  • general feeling of well-being

Good to know

Although cellulitis is a mostly feminine preoccupation, the Renata França massage is also adapted to men that need to detox, improve metabolism and well-being.

Recommended as well for pregnant women.

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