lymphatic drainage

a manual massage that reduces cellulite and water retention

6 occasions

2-3 days


face and body

45-60 min

A manual massage technique that reduces cellulite and water retention, soothes tension and stimulates your immune system’s defences.

About the treatment

Your therapist gently strokes the skin, starting with the neck area in order to open up the lymphatic system, before moving on to the area to be treated. Lymphatic drainage is made up of a number of simple, precise movements. These are carried out using gentle pressure that progressively increases and decreases. The techniques and their variations are repeated rhythmically from 3 to 5 times. 


Through a series of gentle, rhythmic, pumping movements, lymphatic drainage encourages cleansing, detoxification and decongestion, regenerating the body, speeding up healing and reducing the risk of infection. It is recommended for:

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Reducing water retention
  • Relieving heavy and swollen legs
  • Treating oedemas
  • Reducing bruising
  • Optimising surgical outcomes


An overall feeling of well-being and a sense of lightness. All of the treatment’s benefits can be seen thanks to your radiant skin and slimmer figure.

Good to know

The lymphatic system drains excess liquids and toxins that accumulate in tissues and organs. It moves water, proteins, fat, nutrients and waste products towards the venous system. The faster and more regular the lymphatic current is, the faster, more effective and efficient your metabolism is. 

Our therapists drain the lymphatic system using a method developed by Dr. Vodder and Dr. Asdonk.

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