Testimonial: I tested - and adopted - "scalp PRP".

publié le 27 April 2024 dans Health & Wellbeing

This month we share the story of Sandy, 38, who tried - and adopted - "scalp PRP" to treat her alopecia.

"I suffered from severe hair loss for a long time; my hair was thinning so much at the top of my head that my scalp was visibly bald. No haircut or hairstyle could hide it, and it became a bit of a complex.

I never wanted to take hormone treatment. So I resigned myself to it until the day I discovered the "PRP scalp" treatment at Forever. Since then, PRP has become a lifelong companion; it's the only approach that remains natural and non-invasive, that really treats, and that allows results to be stabilised and maintained over the long term.

I started with the "attack treatment" of 3 sessions every 2 weeks, and now I plan my maintenance sessions 3-4 times a year. The treatment is painful, but bearable because the injection session only lasts 20 minutes. I always plan to drink plenty of fluids before my appointment, so that the blood test doesn't leave me feeling dehydrated.

I recommend this treatment to all women who, like me, are suffering from embarrassing hair loss and are looking for a medical but natural 100% solution".