My skin can't tolerate certain hyaluronic acids - rare but possible!

publié le 30 April 2024 dans Health & Wellbeing

Testimony of Rachel Polla, CEO Forever Institut

Being scared to death of injections (surprisingly not for Botox), I never imagined that I would agree to have hyaluronic acid injected.

And yet, about a year before Forever opened in Lausanne, while we were looking for the 'perfect' hyaluronic acid that would enable us to offer a very natural lip treatment, the doctors begged me to be their first model... I already have naturally plump lips, so I was a little reluctant, but I gave in to help my team! A few weeks later, I was surprised to experience an allergic-type inflammatory reaction: my lips swelled up asymmetrically, a reaction that was as sudden as it was short-lived.

Four years later, as I'm approaching 40 and that episode is a distant memory, I wanted to try a hyaluronic acid injection in my cheekbones, as I felt they were starting to lose volume. The injection went very well, especially as I was hypnotised by one of our doctors. And yet, a few weeks later, I find myself having the same kind of reaction again. Whenever I'm ill or tired, I feel a slightly painful inflammation (this time it's mild, fortunately) in one or other of my cheekbones; fortunately, the sensation never lasts long.

Curious to understand what was happening to me, I went to ask our Medical Director and my father, Dr Luigi L. Polla. According to them, I'm one of the few people who can't tolerate hyaluronic acid - even though it's absorbable and already naturally present in our skin.

Here's what they recommend for people like me, who still want to age gracefully and preserve their beauty assets:

  1. Injections of ProfhiloIt's a hyaluronic acid that doesn't contain the binding molecule BDDE, which can cause intolerance in some people. I tried it before I started injecting fillers, and I'll continue to treat myself to it once a year.
  2. Make regular lightening peels (TCA) and Picosure Focus laser rejuvenation (Laser Picosure) to correct dark spots and maintain beautiful skin.
  3. And then one day, when I notice that my cheeks and temples are starting to hollow out and my features are starting to pull back, I already know that I'll switch to the Microfat to restore the beautiful volumes of my face... The absolute advantage? With self-regenerative medicine, there's no risk of intolerance because the substance injected comes from our own cells.