"Ulthera®" - focused ultrasound

for a deep action on sagging skin

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  • Number of sessions : 1 Session
  • Duration of the session : 1h30-4h
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Ultherapy uses ultrasound to tighten the skin and resculpt the shape of the face, which can sag over time

Ulthera® is based on focussed ultrasound technology. It has been approved by the US FDA for use in the treatment of tissue in the lower area of the face – below the chin and around the eyes. This system generates heat, which causes collagen fibres to retract, immediately tightening the skin. The body then gradually produces new collagen which restores the skin’s support structure.

During an Ulthera® treatment session, the handpiece delivers focussed ultrasound into the deep, subcutaneous tissues, which are precisely those that a surgeon works on when carrying out a facelift. Ultrasound imaging allows the doctor to constantly see the layers of tissues that are being targeted on screen during the treatment.

Résultat avant et après un traitement par Ulthera associé à l’injection de Radiess

You will feel like

for a deep action on sagging skin

  • Ulthera®: Redefines the shape of the face, Reduces jowls, Lifts sagging eyebrows, Corrects droopy eyelids and Treats sagging skin.
  • Results can be seen after just one session.
  • The results appear in two steps : skin tightens immediately and then its texture progressively improves.
  • The final result appears after three to six months, with the effect being firmer, tighter skin, reduction of drooping under the chin and a rejuvenated face.

Good to know

Ulthera® doesn’t have any side effects on the skin. However, some areas of the face cannot be treated due to the presence of a nerve or sensitive organ.

for a deep action on sagging skin

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