Corrects areas of sagging skin and the fine lines this can create

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  • Number of sessions : 1-5
  • Duration of the session : 1h
  • Interval between sessions : 1 month
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New aesthetic medicine device to treat sagging skin without surgery.

PlexR is a non-surgical, aesthetic medical treatment that corrects slight excesses of skin without damaging the surrounding tissue. 

PlexR is the brand name for ‘Plasma Exeresis’. This device emits radiofrequencies which are channelled through the handpiece (a sort of electric scalpel). As it nears the area of skin being treated, the device creates an electrical arc of ionising current (known as ‘plasma’) which generates an intense increase in temperature (up to 1,000°C). This current does not go through the body and only affects the surface of the skin; a simple way to think about it is that it ‘vaporises’ the wrinkled tissues. 

It may be necessary to repeat the treatment, with the optimal result usually being achieved over 1–3 sessions. The effects of the treatments are lasting and increase from one session to the next, with the total number of sessions needed being assessed by your doctor. A ‘refresh’ session every 1 or 2 years enables the results to be maintained.

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Corrects areas of sagging skin and the fine lines this can create

  • PlexR treats excess skin in a non-invasive way (i.e. without the need for surgery) and does not harm the surrounding tissue.
  • In the case of sagging eyelids and the general ageing of skin around the eyes, PlexR has a similar effect to blepharoplasty (plastic surgery on the eyelids).
  • This technique causes a cutaneous contraction through controlled, localised heat.
  • The fine lines and wrinkles caused by excess skin are reduced from the very first treatment ; afterwards, the effects of the treatment are lasting and increase from one session to the next.
  • The treated area looks younger and the skin appears smoother and tighter.

Good to know

As this treatment is painful, an anaesthetic creme is applied to the area of skin to be treated an hour before the PlexR session. 


A PlexR treatment causes oedema (swelling) which generally lasts for 48–72 hours and the redness may last longer in certain cases. The surface of the skin may develop some flakiness or scabs which last for a few days. While these effects persist, the skin must not be exposed to the sun. Our doctors recommend using SKIN COVER for at least a week after treatment and until the scabs have come away by themselves. 

The contraindications for PlexR are: 

  • Infections on the area to be treated
  • A recent scar on the area to be treated
  • Skin cancer on the area to be treated

Corrects areas of sagging skin and the fine lines this can create

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