Dermatology is a medical and surgical specialty. It deals with inflammatory skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, etc.), sun damage (skin cancer, actinic keratoses, etc.), infectious skin and genital diseases, autoimmune diseases (lupus, alopecia, vitiligo, etc.), and skin diseases of the elderly. ), infectious diseases of the skin and genital area, autoimmune diseases (lupus, alopecia, vitiligo, etc.), childhood dermatoses, as well as abnormalities of the scalp (androgenetic alopecia, telogen effluvium, etc.) and nails.

Forever’s dermatological unit

The history of Forever Institut was born from the dermatological expertise of Dr. Luigi L. Polla, and the creation of his practice in 1986. Dermatology and the well-being of your skin have therefore been at the heart of our concerns and our DNA for almost 40 years.

This heritage, fundamental to guarantee the quality of your care, will continue with Dr. Raphael André, who will join the dermatology and aesthetic medicine departments of Forever Institut Geneva in 2022.

Our dermatologists, Dr Polla and Dr André, both perform procedures covered by the LAMal (medical consultation, dermatological surgery) at Forever Institut in Geneva.

Aesthetic procedures such as injections (Botox ®, hyaluronic acid, skinboosters…), laser treatments or peelings are not part of the dermatological services reimbursed by insurance companies and are carried out at the patient’s expense.

Dr. Luigi L. Polla

  • Graduate of the HUG
  • FMH in dermatology
  • Laser specialization at the Mass General Hospital in Boston-Co-founder of the SSME (Swiss Society of Aesthetic Medicine)
  • Training physician at Forever Academy – Referral consultant for laser treatments and injections

Dr. Raphael André

  • Graduate of the University of Geneva (2012)
  • Former head of clinic at the University Hospitals of Geneva
  • Specialist FMH Dermatology
  • Specialist FMH General Internal Medicine

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