Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

publié le 17 April 2024 dans Technology & Innovations

We have received the annual statistics from the American Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, and wanted to share some interesting facts with you.

Here is some significant information from the 2018 statistics

3 interventions that were less popular in the past have seen a significant increase:

  • thigh lift (increase of 24%)
  • chin reshaping (20% increase)
  • breast reduction (18% augmentation)

Top 5 surgeries performed in the United States by board-certified plastic surgeons

  • abdominoplasty (removal of excess abdominal skin)
  • liposuction
  • breast lift
  • eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
  • breast augmentation with silicone implants

Dr Benadiba, our plastic and aesthetic surgeon, notes that the problem of excess weight in the United States can contribute to the increase in certain operations such as tummy tucks, breast reduction, liposuction and thigh lifts. In these cases, the new "Renuvion" technique is particularly useful for tightening the skin without leaving a scar.

Botulinum toxin injection (commonly known as Botox) is the #1 aesthetic medicine procedure performed by plastic surgeons since 1999.
In 2018, men benefited from:

  • 23% body lifts
  • 17% neck lifts
  • 16% rhinoplasty (nose surgery)
  • 15% belpharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

Buttock augmentation and nymphoplasty (female intimate surgery to reduce and harmonise the size of the vulva's labia minora) are among the fastest-growing procedures, with increases of 61% and 53% respectively in 5 years.

  • Of the 26,774 buttock augmentations that were listed in 2018,
  • 94% (25.168) were performed using autologous fat transfer.
  • Gynaeco-aesthetics and surgery of the female private parts (nymphoplasty) are no longer just a fashion phenomenon, but highly sought-after procedures that are constantly on the increase.
  • Increase of 53% in 5 years
  • 12,756 interventions carried out in 2018

Forever Institut was a pioneer in Switzerland in offering a gynaeco-aesthetics department within an aesthetic medicine centre.

Dr Benadiba, our plastic surgeon, also notes the growing trend in the use of fat to reshape the buttocks and breasts, as well as its use to recover stem cells with the Nanofat and Microfat technique.