Tattoo removal testimonial (laser picosure)

publié le 30 April 2024 dans Technology & Innovations

My tattoo removal experience by Lou 32 years old

"I got this tattoo with my sister's name when I was 16, because of the family situation we were in at the time.
Over time, I just didn't agree with it any more, so I decided to have it removed."

Forever Institut & Boutique - Lausanne

How did your tattoo removal go?

"During the first consultation, I was given a thorough explanation of how the device (Laser Picosure) worked, the protocol and process of laser tattoo removal, the precautions to be taken before and after each session, etc. I was also given a detailed description of the procedure to be followed.
I was very surprised at how quickly the tattoo faded.
By the first session and after healing, the tattoo had faded by around 40%.
By respecting the 6-week period between each session, I'm now on the 3rd and I can see that the tattoo has disappeared at 95%."

Were the tattoo removal sessions painful?

"My biggest fear was the pain of the laser!
To my great surprise, the session didn't last an eternity and thanks to the anaesthetic cream applied an hour beforehand, I felt absolutely no pain!

And how did you feel after the sessions?

"After the sessions, the area is red and sensitive to the touch.
A few blisters may appear, but this is largely bearable.
By applying healing cream, after a few days the scabs that had formed quickly fell off.

Would you recommend the Picosure laser?

"I would recommend Laser Picosure without hesitation to anyone who wants to have their tattoos removed!"

Lou, 32 years old