Progress & innovation in hyaluronic acid

publié le 27 April 2024 dans Technology & Innovations

Forever introduces a new type of aesthetic injection ! It's a fluid but ultra-concentrated hyaluronic acid that provides a tensing and radiance-enhancing effect.

Q&A with our medical director

Q - I've heard that Profhilo is somewhere between a skin booster and a volumising filler. Is this correct?

R - It's true that Profhilo, like skinbooster, deeply hydrates the skin, giving it a plumped-up, smooth and luminous appearance. However, this hyaluronic acid will not have an effect on the volume of your face, as a "filler" injection does. Instead, it will redensify the skin.

Each hyaluronic acid formula (non-cross-linked, cross-linked, diluted, etc.) and each injection technique (needle, cannula, etc.) has its own specificity. It's up to us to master the whole range so that we can recommend the approach that best meets our patients' needs.

Q - Can Profhilo be used to increase lip volume?

R - No, it's not a lip plumping product. Profhilo is injected deep into the dermis at specific points. For the face, for example, there are 5 on each side: the outer corner of the eyes; the cheekbone; above the corner of the lip; the chin; the mandible. Once injected using the "bolus" technique, hyaluronic acid diffuses naturally between the different layers that make up the skin.

The result: an even, plumping effect, an overall refreshment of the complexion and an improvement in the quality and health of the skin.

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