PLEX-R or medical blepharoplasty

publié le 30 April 2024 dans Technology & Innovations

The look is an essential component of the expressiveness and beauty of your face. After introducing the Anti-dark circle injections under-eye concealer, we've extended our 'sublimated eyes' range with the PlexRIts primary indication is to correct the drooping eyelid effect.

The PlexR is a medical device that emits a small ionising current that creates controlled, localised heat to vaporise the tissues, without contact. This phenomenon causes the skin to shrink, producing a slight lifting effect. 

This technique is performed on small areas of sagging skin and/or excess skin, such as the upper eyelid, crow's feet and around the lips.

Practical information

PlexR is performed by a doctor and prior consultation is recommended. The PlexR session lasts 45 minutes per treatment area. The skin remains marked for 10 to 15 days, and must be protected from sun exposure until the small scabs and redness have completely disappeared. Depending on the degree of sagging and the desired result, several sessions are required.

During treatment

After treatment

Example of results before and 2 months after