Boosting lip volume - or the art of "made to measure

publié le 30 April 2024 dans Advice & Beauty

Injecting hyaluronic acid to plump up the lips is one of Forever Institut's flagship treatments. There are many requests, especially from women. And yet each experience is unique.

There are those who don't want it to show; those who want a very natural result to start with, and then feel ready for more volume; those who want a more heart-shaped mouth; those who think their mouth is too thin or narrow; those who would like to harmonise the proportion between the upper and lower lips; those who want an XXL mouth; those who want to redefine the contour of their lips; those who notice that they have lost volume over time; those who also want to lift the corners of their mouth to give it a smiling expression... and the list goes on!

As you'll have realised, beautifying the lips is quite an art. Our doctors use hyaluronic acid, because this product provides the "made-to-measure" effect so sought after by our customers. Injected point by point with a needle or deposited with a cannula, it assimilates very homogeneously into the tissues, is not felt, does not alter the sensitivity of the lips, and above all resorbs gradually and naturally. The icing on the cake: hyaluronic acid is an intense moisturising agent and therefore a long-term solution for dry, puckered or chapped lips.