I'm pregnant: can I still have cosmetic medical treatments?

publié le 29 February 2024 dans Health & Wellbeing

Pregnancy is a time of grace for some, discomfort for others... and change for everyone. Emotional, physiological and hormonal upheaval - to name but a few. If we're talking about skin for example: it undergoes changes in inflammatory reactivity, healing capacity and melanocyte activity (the cells that pigment the skin).

For this reason, some aesthetic medicine treatments are contraindicated for pregnant women. But not all.

Here is the opinion of Dr Luigi L. Polla, dermatologist and aesthetic doctor.

Whileno medical or aesthetic procedure is performed on a pregnant woman during her first trimester of pregnancyThe mother-to-be can resume certain forms of care as early as the second trimester:

  1. Laser hair removal can be performed, but avoiding the face (where hair is hormone-dependent), abdomen and pubic area. No risk for laser hair removal from the arms and legs, for example.
  2. I recommend taking care of your skin with gentle peels fruit acids (natural molecules obtained from lemons, sugar cane, almonds, etc.). Skin cleansing with the Hydrafacial device is also beneficial for preventing pimples from breaking out.
  3. Self-regenerative aesthetic medicine is also an approach that is compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding. By drawing on your own body's (autologous) resources, you avoid any risk of inflammation or intolerance to an injectable product of synthetic origin. For example, by centrifuging a small sample of your own blood, we obtain a regenerating elixir called PRP (your platelet-enriched plasma). Once injected into your skin, PRP stimulates the activity of its cells and induces self-regeneration of the tissues. The result: fewer dark circles and smoother, healthier-looking, more radiant skin.
  4. And to feel good about your body: Manual lymph drainage is very popular. Done once or twice a week, they prevent water retention, soothe heavy legs and prevent cellulite from getting worse.

Treatments not carried out during pregnancy

  • Laser tattoo removal,
  • aesthetic injections of Botox and hyaluronic acid,
  • Vitamin A masks for acne,
  • deeper peels such as TCA and Amelan, Plex-R, Genius...

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