Medical rhinoplasty

Improves the shape of your nose without the need for surgery

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  • Duration of the session : 45 min
  • Number of sessions : 1
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Improves and harmonises the shape of your nose without the need for surgery

Hyaluronic acid injections allow you to gently alter the appearance of your nose with just one treatment, with you in full control and playing a proactive role; this enables a natural and subtle result to be achieved that is completely in line with your wishes. This aesthetic medicine procedure offers a simple solution that corrects certain minor imperfections, such as a dent or a small bump on the ridge of the nose, slight asymmetry, an unsightly dimple or a droop in the tip of the nose. 


  • A small dimple that bothers you and that can be seen in profile: our clinicians can inject a small amount of hyaluronic acid just above and below the dimple, making your nose more even without disrupting your nose’s proportions. 
  • Is the tip of your nose drooping? Using hyaluronic acid, our clinicians can reshape the area and build up the tip of your nose. 

You will feel like

  • Also known as the, ‘lunchtime nose job’, medical rhinoplasty improves the contours of the nose and does not disrupt your day-to-day life.
  • In contrast to surgical rhinoplasty, medical rhinoplasty is not very invasive, and the treatment can be reversed ; the effects of the filler last for between 9–12 months. The results are immediately visible after.
  • The results are immediately visible after the procedure.
  • Medical rhinoplasty allows you to balance the appearance of your nose with the rest of your features and the proportions of your face.
  • This procedure has a high level of client satisfaction and the results can be reproduced in the future.
  • This medical procedure enables you to reduce the appearance of minor faults in your nose and thus help you to regain your self-confidence.

Good to know

Before undergoing any procedure with one of our specialist clinicians, a consultation must be scheduled. This will give you the opportunity to tell us what you want to achieve, for you to understand what is possible, and to ask any questions that are on your mind. 

For lasting results, hyaluronic acid treatments have to be repeated around once a year. Medical rhinoplasty does not replace aesthetic surgical rhinoplasty, and should you want to permanently change the appearance of your nose, surgery remains the best solution.

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