le Renuvion | Retain excess skin without leaving scars

publié le 30 April 2024 dans Technology & Innovations

Conventional surgery

Until now, it has often been possible to remove excess skin only through surgery, which inevitably leaves a scar. The most common examples are tummy tucks, thigh lifts, arm lifts and neck lifts - all areas that become slack but where the scarring is not negligible for the patient.

Non-surgical techniques

For several years now, various technologies have made it possible to tighten the skin without surgery, by acting externally directly on the skin. This is the case with radiofrequency, micro-focused ultrasound and certain lasers, which offer patients a 'lifting' action on the face and body. Results do exist, but they are often limited and require several weeks, or even months, before they are visible and appreciated.

Le Renuvion 

Renuvion (approved by the FDA and also known as the J-Plasma technique) is a new approach to microsurgery that corrects skin laxity without the need for scalpel, sutures or scarring. This technique combines the properties of helium gas with the effectiveness of radiofrequency to create a dual thermal effect. The procedure uses a sort of single-use cannula-gun that is inserted under the skin. This raises the subcutaneous temperature to 85° while dispersing helium, an excellent conductor of electromagnetic waves, which has the advantage of immediately cooling the tissues, thereby avoiding the risk of burns. 

The combination will create an immediate retraction of the skin, visible after the end of the treatment. The stimulation of collagen and elastic fibre synthesis generated by heating the tissues will amplify the tightening effect, which will be optimal after several weeks. 

Aesthetic indications

Renuvion can be used to treat all areas of sagging skin, such as :

  • the neck and oval of the face,
  • the inside of the arms,
  • the stomach without an abdominal apron - particularly after pregnancy or liposuction,
  • inner thighs and knees.

Other indications are very promising, such as scar-free face lifts using Renuvion's direct action on the skin (this application is currently being approved by the FDA).

In practice

This is a surgical procedure that can be carried out under local anaesthetic when there is only a small area to be treated (for example, the neck or arms). For treatment of larger 

multiple locations, the surgeon advises sedation or a short general anaesthetic. The procedure takes approximately one hour per area.

Renuvion is often combined with liposuction of subcutaneous fat to reduce a double chin, saddlebags or a protruding tummy, but this is not compulsory as there is often no fat under the skin in isolated slack areas.

The after-effects of the operation are usually very simple. They are the same as after conventional liposuction, with the possibility of bruising, redness and swelling in the treated area. Wearing a girdle is strongly recommended for 3 to 4 weeks. 


The results on the skin are visible almost immediately. At the end of the operation, we can already see that the skin's elasticity has improved. Of course, it will take several weeks to appreciate the final result once any swelling and bruising has disappeared, but our first cases have been very positive.

Renuvion or J-Plasma is a genuine revolution in the treatment of skin slackening, which is now a very frequent problem due to weight variations, pregnancy and excessive liposuction.

This technology is easy to use and presents few risks of side-effects, but it is still a surgical procedure. Dr Benadiba, a pioneer in the field, performs this procedure exclusively in Geneva at the Forever Institut Centre.