corrects the unsightly appearance of the ears

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Otoplasty corrects the unsightly appearance of prominent ears.

Otoplasty permanently corrects anomalies in the cartilage in the outer ear that are responsible for their prominence. The aim is to resculpt the cartilage in such as way so as to reposition the ears, making them flatter against the head and symmetrical, while keeping the size and appearance natural.

The medical assessment that precedes otoplasty includes a close examination of the ears, and photographs are taken. During the procedure, your surgeon will make incisions in the natural folds behind the ears. The skin is then pulled back only as far as is needed to get to the cartilage. The external part of the ear is brought into position relative to the skull and fixed by deep stitches. Otoplasty is carried out under local anaesthetic and generally lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

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corrects the unsightly appearance of the ears

  • Otoplasty corrects: Prominent ears,Oversized ears (hypertrophy of the cartilage),Flat ears (a lack of folds meaning the ears are flat).
  • Otoplasty improves the shape of the ears and thus the overall look of the face.

Good to know

Any discomfort is generally moderate and, if necessary, can be treated with an anti-inflammatory analgesic. The treated ears swell up (oedema) and are bruised for a few days after the procedure.

Just as for any surgical procedure, some complications are possible, such as infection, breathing problems, asymmetry and sensitivity of the ears. For each patient, both the risks and benefits of the procedure have to be considered. Detailed and personalised information will be given to you by your surgeon during your consultation.

corrects the unsightly appearance of the ears

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  • « Un lieu design, un encadrement médical, de l’épilation laser aux peelings, je recommande vivement l’expérience Forever. »

    Marion G

  • « Un espace inédit où le professionnalisme est sublimé par l'attitude chaleureuse et familiale d'une équipe souriante et dynamique. Cela fait plusieurs mois que je fréquente l'institut et je vous le recommande vivement. »

    Sébastien H

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